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RMT service receipts for the amount paid to the Clinic is given upon request!

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Some offers are valid for limited time only! Package discount offers will not be valid after their expiration date! There are no refunds, once you have bought it, you have to use it within specified period, later bookings will result in shortened treatment duration commensurate with the paid amount, without discounts.


* Important Notice

Due to the heavy lifting, involved in Thai massage treatment on the floor mat ..... This treatment will not be provided by the therapist if the client weight exceeds therapist weight by 25lbs. This measure is being taken to make sure the treatment is carried out in safety for both the service provider and the service recipient, and to avoid accidents resulting in harm or injuries to both parties! Instead Modified Thai Massage on the table can be requested .... appropriate yoga/gym clothing is still mandatory for clients!

The service provider weight is 127lbs, and will be posted for client benefit on a regular basis!



DECEMBER 24th, 25th, 26th and 31st

JANUARY 1st and 31st

FEBRUARY 1st to MARCH 31st

Clients seeking treatment during clinic closures are requested to use www.RMTfind.com or www.cmto.com

to check out practicing RMTs within their residential or work area! 

The clinic uses Free internet advertisers Kijiji and Craigslist to advertise it's services and special offers